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January 2020
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What MOST people believe about who “Goes to Heaven”
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There is a fact that has become crystal clear to me since the Lord opened my eyes to my woeful state before Him, convicted me (through my reading of the Gospel) of the depth of the guilt of my sin against Him, and then graciously granted me repentance and faith unto the forgiveness of my sins around January of 2002.  I was reminded of this understanding recently as I read a little book, The Truth of the Cross, written by reformed preacher/teacher R.C. Sproul, one of this generation’s men of God whom the Lord has used mightily in leading us along the pathway of truth.  Dr. Sproul also made mention of this observation, and it so resonated in my heart when I read it.

It is that the nearly universal belief within the world today, is that all one must to do to get to Heaven, other than ”not kill anyone,” is die.  It seems like every time someone passes away, man’s natural inclination is to respond, ”Well, they’re in a much better place now,” no matter what the dearly departed’s spiritual condition.

However, this understanding is so absolutely, positively contrary to what God has clearly revealed to mankind in the Bible that it is frankly, stunning and shocking to me every time I hear it spoken.  The God of the Bible (who has made His salvation and identity known through the supernatural life, death and resurrection of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ) has made it absolutely clear to mankind — whom He has created for His pleasure, and to manifest His glory — is that in order to have eternal life in the Kingdom of  Heaven, one must be absolutely perfect in every respect… flawlessly sinless in all matters of morals and behavior, motives and intentions, for the entire period spanning from conception through the point of death… as specifically laid forth in the Word of God, the Bible.

Hmmm… that certainly leaves both the irreligious and religious alike with a bit of a major dilemma, doesn’t it..?  Having believed the “everyone goes to heaven unless they’ve killed someone” deception for more than 30 years, it is my joy and the passion of my heart, to invite you to consider the Lord God’s provision mankind’s great dilemma.  I share what the Bible says about eternal life on the home page of my website,



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